Reference text: Exodus 32:15-24,30-34

Exodus 32:33 And the LORD said unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book.

The consequences of some decisions can be borne by others but there are those which cannot: consider one who contracts an ailment as a result of unhealthy living? It however doesn’t come to me as a surprise that Moses offered to be the scapegoat for the people of Israel in view of their sin of making and paying obeisance before the golden calf. And as if it could get no better, Moses throws in a bait: ‘forgiveness for the people or a deletion of his name from the book God has written’; though a very smart bargaining chip, God showed no interest.

God’s disinterest was not a result of the fact that He had lost all shred of mercy or had forgotten what forgiveness was, it was because He wanted the people of Israel, just like us, to bear the brunt or the consequences that come with some of the decisions we choose to make hence His words “whoever has sinned, his name will I blot out of my book”. In effect, God was saying ‘because they have sowed this, they ought to expect to reap its corresponding fruit’.

This may present God as a stubborn old man who isn’t ready to compromise on his standards but just a few chapters earlier (ch. 24), the whole assembly of Israel had pledged unfailing allegiance to obey everything Yahweh told them. Yet, they went against their own words and Moses’ intervention was not enough to cause them to avoid the aftermath of their own decision.

Sweetheart, we cannot always hide behind God’s cloak of mercy and act as we like. Though He has no interest in punishing us for our sins, we are unlikely to escape if there are any consequences that come as a result of our own decision making. We cannot always expect others to pay the price for our wrong doings and incorrect decisions because a large portion of the outcome will directly affect us.

Remember # take a second thought before you act to see if you are able to deal with any repercussions that will follow those actions of yours.

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