Reference text: Matthew 13:1-9

Matthew 13:8 But other seed fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.

When students sit an exam, the general expectation is that the target mark obtainable by each student is the perfect score of 100%. This is however not the reality because there is always a statistical spread of marks when results are released. The ‘apparent’ competition which exists among students accounts for the reason why some are less eager to share resource materials with colleagues for fear of they doing better than they would.

Another fact is this: No farmer goes to his farm with the intention of planting just a single seed. This is because regardless of how good a seed is or how strong it grows, very few plants if any, have the capacity to grow on their own. Many will be unable to survive the elements on their own- the blistering winds or the scorching of the son. It takes plants standing next to each other to provide shade to one another or to act as wind breaks together.
We have a lesson to learn from the results of this sowing – especially from the yield at harvest of the seeds that fell on good soil. It is worth noting that the varying yields of each seed: thirty, sixty and hundred does not imply that the low yielding ones were a failure, rather, they attained a yield that corresponded to their ability. This should tell us that the sole purpose of existence is not to just battle for places with others, but to stand together where needed to bring out the best in one another.
We do not all possess the same combination of traits, skills or ambition hence we cannot all stand in the same position. However, though different, when we pool our resources and stand together, we are near invincible. We can thus safely use the words “I need you to survive”. We need one another to be able to safely and successfully navigate through the changing scenes of life because there is a higher chance for seeds to reach maturity when they grow in the company of others.

Remember # The earlier you realise that not everyone is your competition, the better your chances will be at growing up.


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