Reference text: Matthew 20:20-28

Imagine two people who walk into a restaurant and are given a menu from which to make their pick- the one who takes time to select their personal choices off the menu is more likely to leave satisfied than another who says ‘anything for me’ because those words, do not fit into any designated scope. That may account for the reason why some men have the generalised notion that some women ‘never say exactly what they want’ – a statement which on many occasions causes some friction.

The mother of James and John did not have time to go beating about the bush because she knew for a fact that her sons were in ‘competition with 10 others for two places’ hence after going through the norm of anyone intending to make a request, she acted quickly and hit the nail right on the head-‘ give the seats on your left and right hand to my sons’.

From her actions, one thing stands out- when you need something, you ask for and act on exactly that. Jesus is one of those who always encouraged others to voice out exactly what they wanted thus on more than one occasion he posed the question ‘what do you want me to do for you’? Many of us are never specific with what we want or expect from others in any area of our life. We neither have any requirements from our relationships with others nor are our prayers even directed at specific intentions- we are likely to go with what everybody else wants.

My dear, your uniqueness does not grant you the luxury of just going with the flow. You cannot fall into the trap of settling for what somebody else wants. Many have found ourselves in a position where we have had to sacrifice every single that matters to us because of others and are now in the circle of ‘anything goes’.

It is time to begin demanding exact needs of yours from the storerooms of your father in heaven and from those you are in relationship with – you need to ask for what you want.

Remember # No man knows your mind and even if God does, He still wants you to ask for what you want- and please be SPECIFIC.


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