Reference text : Exodus 3:1-6,9-12

Exodus 3:3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.

If there is one thing people can’t stand, it is being given the tail end of information when there is a lot more to receive. This whips up their curiosity causing them to say to themselves ‘I want to know more’, hence the start of their own search using whatever means is available to them.

Some people have thus ended up in and are enjoying their current professions out of sheer curiosity because they wanted to know how it felt to be a professional in that area. I know of people who became teachers because they were curious as to how their own teachers could be so patient with them.

Very recently, a lady was charged with manslaughter for encouraging his boyfriend to commit suicide via text messages. Though some may disagree with this verdict, there is this reality: unless a person has a perfect filtering system in their brain, part of whatever the senses perceive seep into their subconscious and this can be regurgitated when the mind is idle- thus starting the cycle of warranted or unwarranted curiosity.

How? The human mind treats input diligently hence the reason words are always classified as seeds which should not be played with. Whatever seeds are sown, our minds either begin to seek for ways of disposing them off or getting those seeds watered by soliciting for more information or encourage indulging in any action suggested.

God is very much aware of our natural inclination to know more hence He uses that to draw us to himself. Moses got curious about a burning bush and ended up encountering God through this. Curiosity however can be a double edged sword which can serve us well or do us harm. The believer therefore needs not be curious about ‘EVERYTHING’ as somethings are certainly not meant for our physical or spiritual consumption because they are just a means to trap us.

Remember # Curiosity is good, but to use it well, you have to be selectively curious.

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