Reference text : Exodus 2:1-15

Exodus 2:12 And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand.

I cannot tell what was going through the mind of Moses when he saw his own kindred being maltreated but I am fairly certain He thought of the injustice being done and immediately sought for a way to fix it- though not necessarily the best way to do it. Sadly, his solution was a bloody one which led to the death of an Egyptian taskmaster; a crime he readily concealed.

What started as a simple ‘freeing my brother from a difficult situation’ resulted in a much more complicated story because Moses may not have acted with a clear head. The sight of his fellow brethren being maltreated could have momentarily clouded his judgement in a spate of anger which led to the demise of the Egyptian. People pride themselves with being ambassadors of Justice and fairness in all regards, however those very same positive traits can lead one along a dangerous course when not managed properly.

In short, just as the search for Justice and fairness is certainly not a justification for murder- in the same way, no amount of carefully thought out or justifiable reason qualifies as a necessary condition for sin. There is just good and bad- ‘Doing bad that good may result does not make it good’ – this sounds like a hard pill to swallow but that is just how it is.

Let us not misinterprete the words of Saint Paul when he says ‘I have made myself all things to all men that I may by all means save some'(1 Corinthians 9:22) because in no way does he suggest we also become sinners to convert sinners or ‘bad guys’ to get the bad guys. Instead, what he suggests is to put ourselves in those shoes and act as we would expect to be acted towards. Sweetheart, Moses, the grandson of Pharaoh was pursued by Pharaoh when he killed a man because he had no excuse to; hence you also do not have any excuse to sin.

Remember # No excuse is big enough to justify sin.


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