Sirach 6:17 Whoever fears the Lord makes true friends, for as a person is, so is his friend too.

There have always been some sayings that are associated with God yet have no basis in his word; one being ‘God helps those who help themselves’. I have always being of the view that the statement ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ was just coined to describe the similarity existent among friends hence I was somewhat surprised to find it almost verbatim in scripture.

The first reading of today pretty much outlines a list of conditions and characteristics that should be present to consider anyone ‘a friend’- and not just any friend, but a faithful friend who can be described as ‘a life saving remedy'( v16). A visit to our social media accounts such as Facebook will apparently reveal to us how ‘lucky’ we are to have ‘thousands of friends’, however the reality is among that long list, only a handful, if any, may qualify as ‘loyal friends’ to us.

It is not a far cry to imagine that each one of us would like to have that one person or few persons we can count on to stand by us when everybody abandons us. That one person who will stick up for us regardless of what everybody else thinks of us.

Just as we expect this of others, we also need to be friends who stay in times of adversity and not only when times are good- we should not be those who stick as shadows in times of prosperity and run off when the tables turn. For many, one faithful friend is enough to sail through any adversity and oh lest I forget, we all have that one true friend in JESUS who stays with us through it all.

Remember # a faithful friend is a secure refuge, whoever has found one has found a treasure.

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