1 Peter 5:3 Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being examples to the flock.

When someone is told to be an example or a model for others to follow, there is always the underlying basis that a certain code of conduct is being followed that can be adopted by others. It is therefore not uncommon to hear of contracts being terminated for some misconduct as companies always seek to ‘save their corporate image’.

Saint Peter in writing to fellow elders makes this key request: ‘ that they be examples to the flock’. This is a role that has been handed down to us who may not be elders of the church, but are members of the body of Christ; and our example is not just to the flock, but to the entire world.

This is the expectation but many are falling short because they have deemed themselves unfit and unqualified to have others look up to them. They go about talking and complaining about all the weaknesses they have and how much it will be an obstacle to others forgetting that amidst what appears to be a myriad of weaknesses, there are pockets of strength that can influence others.

Sweetheart, if your decision is to wait until you deem yourself ‘perfectly matured’ before commencing the role of being an example to others, then I am sorry to disappoint you but you could be waiting your entire life. You cannot begin to live only when you become ‘really good’- you have to start from a point and at that point, there could still be evidence of some weaknesses which you will strive to overcome.

Remember # maturity is a process not an overnight experience.

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