DAY 76

Beyond being a day for celebration with loved ones, every birthday for me, is one where multiple vials of incense carrying prayer and prophecy are showered. Even if the heavens have been silent for a season, it is day that I intentionally hang unto, pray into and lay hold of every utterance lifted on my behalf.

Regardless of who utters them, words are incense that need carry potential. They therefore have to be carried before the throne of God for vetting and subsequent aborting or execution. So to lay hold unto the declarations for territorial enlargement, the fulfilment of heart’s desires, unfailing blessings and a father’s tongue to bless others and speak into being the things my heart desires, I bring forth my strong reasons.

I take what the unchanging written word of God has said, and I present them back to Him for He cannot renege on His words. I don’t know about you, but personally, this is what my birthday wishes provide: tangible prayer points and prophetic declarations that are returned to the throne of Grace for execution.

And I know whom I have believed, that he is able to keep that which I have entrusted to him against that day.


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