DAY 57

I have heard a number of teachings on temptation, but the one from Mass today was one worth sharing so here is a paraphrased version of it:

Temptations come in different forms, but they won’t always come with a banner and a trumpet. They can sneak up on you. You may be tempted at multiple times to step beyond the boundaries of life, but here is a big caveat, a bit of a tongue twister

“the temptation to think that you have no temptation at all is the biggest temptation”

Evil knocks on our doors wearing everyday clothes. It comes appearing harmless and wrapped in innocence. Temptation is subtle, smooth and patient. It can lie dormant waiting for the right atmosphere in which to manifest.

In our daily lives, we hear two voices- the we can hear both the voice of temptation and that of our conscience, guided by the Holy Spirit. Temptation says: “go on, just a little more. You deserve it because you worked so hard. It is smooth, seductive and very convincing. The woman in the garden of Eden fell for it, but Jesus showed us how to be victorious.

In prayer, we draw closer to God, fasting heightens our awareness of temptation, even if it comes in disguise and the sword of the word gives us a weapon with which to fight back. Beloved, let’s us always be armed because temptations will always come knocking.


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