DAY 52

Sirach 2:1 My son, if you come forward to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for testing

To come forward means to advance on one’s own volition. It denotes a choice, unenforced but made as a result of a personal deduction. Therefore, to come to God, thinking that you will not be tested is a rather significant mishit.

There are some things we receive primarily because of a single choice,  like becoming recipients of the life of God after accepting Jesus as Lord and saviour. That among others, are gifts. However, there are many other things in God that are not gifts, they are rewards given as testaments of endurance while journeying with Him.

To he whom much is GIVEN, much is expected. To he whom much is ENTRUSTED, even more is expected. Don’t get mixed up: some things are given, but some things are COMMITTED or ENTRUSTED. You don’t rise to any place of trust by luck, because to arrive at a place where God can commit people, missions, and assignments to you, He has to trust you. That is why you will be tested.

Beloved, the class of testing is one class in the school of the Spirit you cannot skip, you must pass it to advance.


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