DAY 25

Acts 22:10 And I asked, What shall I do, Lord? And the Lord answered me, Get up and go into Damascus, and there it will be told you all that it is destined and appointed for you to do.

You can be doing a lot of things, with zeal, passion and hardwork. In fact, you could have results and laurels to show for them all yet, you could be in doing things that have nothing to do with your appointment and destiny. To put in other words, you can run the entire marathon of life, with many races along the way, to its end only to find out that you entered only the wrong races and your set course is still left to be run.

Paul gave us a bit of a back story into His zeal, His passion, His results- yet it is only after his encounter on the way to Damascus that he is made aware that ‘there is something destined and appointed for him to do’.

Conversations like this often fall into the territory of cliche, but more than that, they are truths. No single human being alive, is on this earth just to bide time, doing nothing. There is something appointed and destined for each to do. Perhaps not as grande as the assignment St Paul had, but there is given to each person the capacity, tools and resources necessary to run a particular course.

It is necessary then to ask the same question Paul does “Lord, what shall I do? because that is the starting point to walking in and fulfilling purpose and destiny. But mind you, even though a life lived without purpose is dubbed meaningless, one lived for the wrong purpose is “a risk” because you operate outside the boundaries of the will of God.


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