Luke 2:33 And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him.

It is interesting to know that Mary and Joseph, who had received specific details about who Jesus would be from an angelic source, were oblivious of the revelation Simeon brought. They were quite surprised.

There are somethings about yourself that you know, no one has to tell you.
There is another set of things you don’t know, but those closest to you do, Even further, there are those unknown by either you or those closest to you, it takes eyes outside your circle to make them known to you.

All the observations or revelations by others contribute towards the discovery of different aspects of our life. That tells why we ought to have expansive circles of the right people around us, because they help with the  realisation of who we are, and what we ought to do.

Regardless, while it is important to be open to facets and perspectives of your life you might not know about, all external input have to be judged through the lens of the word of God. Only then should they become additions.


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