For many people, when presented with quantity or quality, they would opt for quality. As if in a default stance, large quantities are often associated with low quality. However, there could be quality even at high volumes if the requisite measures are in place.

Yet today, we come to the clear realisation that neither quantity nor quality, each on their own, were adequate. The Psalmist renders it in these words “The king is not saved by the great size of his army; A warrior is not rescued by his great strength.'(Ps 33:16). Therefore, neither the quantity of well armed personnel nor the skill and quality of a seasoned warrior were adequate to mount a suitable defence.

How then is deliverance attained? Simply put, we are helped by God.Sometimes through divine interventions wrought at his hands or sometimes through the hands of other men. If left on our own, we are likely to find ourselves in quite deep waters, struggling to make it out in one piece.

We are reminded therefore of the limits of the strength of men because where the strength of men fail, that is where that of God is made perfect.


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