I have been in London for the last week so making it back home today, I was surprised to see snow from about a week ago still unmelted. That was quite a scene and I had a few slips on my walk about. Apparently, there hasn’t been enough heat from the sun to cause the melting.

8 hours later, I woke up in the morning to a pleasant surprise –  there were no trace of snow, as if none ever fell. And the reason was not because of any heatwave overnight, but the falling of rain overnight. Yes, the rain had melted the snow. That is not an impossibility, it is just rather more improbable because the expectation would be for heat to melt the snow.

From this I realised: while for certain things in life there is only one way to attain them, such as sowing before reaping, there are many other situations where there is more than  a single methodology to execute them.

The only limit on this would be the amount of knowhow available to the one undertaking the task. Because while others would only expect heat to melt ice, and so would be waiting for sunlight, others might come to know through their diligent searching that rain can execute the same task. So rain might successfully do what heat would do, but do you know?

If this knowing is absent, in your ignorance, you will keep praying for heat when there is already rain in your camp.


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