Jesus was rather blunt in his remarks “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division “(Luke 12:51). That is an interesting statement coming from the Prince of Peace. Regardless, he does not backtrack nor withdraw His words.

For us who read His words in this age, this is how it ought to sound to us “Saying Yes to me, is a call to another kind of life, the God-kind. It will mean you are guided by a whole new set of decision making guidelines. You will have to make choices that contradict those of your closest allies because a yes to me means a No to the world.

You will standing on opposite sides of a fine line, a line you cannot cross over if you choose me. Because I require of you an entirely different way of thinking, doing, loving and living. That is what saying yes to me entails.”

We might have been expecting open arms, nil opposition and a smooth ride once we said yes to God. But one guarantee we receive instead from Jesus is ‘in this world, you will have trouble’. Our consolation however is that ‘we can take courage, for He has overcome the world.'(John 16:33) Therefore, let us stick with our Yes to Him.


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