It sounds ‘crazy’ for the living to rejoice when they find the grave, but
many seek various ways to end what they refer to as a “miserable existence”. In truth, some of life’s hits have knocked many down so hard that they have made a resolution that  “the only escape is to die”. If you are one of this number, this message comes for you.

Job initially makes a fair case for rejoicing if the grave was found. He writes “I would have laid with Kings, I would have been at rest” (Job 3:11-14)

So we  ponder: even when God had been explicit ‘ I offer you life and death, blessing and cursing- choose life’ (Deut 30:19), what could trouble a person so much that they would prefer death over life?
Is it shame? Betrayal? Needs and wants? Pain? We could leave the list open ended for you to fill them in.

Regardless, are you convinced that you have so hit rock bottom that the forfeiture of your life is the only available course of action? We each have things in our life we value, things we desire to attain and accomplish, the inability to do which drives us towards even the the  forfeiture of life itself.

But we seem to forget that our existence is the first thing that offers any guarantees that we can achieve whatever we so desire. Job may have sought an end to everything, but even at his lowest point he still declared
“I know that my redeemer lives”. Those words, beloved, should bring you hope even in your darkest hours to urge you to cling on to life.

Without your tears, your joy may not mean much to you and without those disappointments, you might take your elevations for granted. But in all things, treasure your life for it is an invaluable gift.


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