Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

This was a very specific request from Jesus, but it is one that can be generalised across many situations where an invitation is thrown out there for anyone to come and receive something. As stated, the only requirement was ”COME”.

It might seem so, but it isn’t easy to just follow the words’ come and receive’. Accepting that charge in a bid to receive means two things: the first is an acknowledgement of the ability of the one who throws the invitation to grant whatever they have said. It requires an acknowledgement of power, capacity and willingness. These can be guaged by looking at their track records and relevant history.

The second is the trickier one. Agreeing to come is an acknowledgement also that you do not have what is being offered. It is an acknowledgement of your weakness, that you could not win, that you are deficient in something. And this is something our pride causes us to resist.

Regardless, the invitation does not change, it remains ‘Come and receive rest’. God is not one to mock you for coming, if anything, He knows your frame through and through and there is nothing to hide from Him. So just respond to the invitation.


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