Matthew 7:14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

This quick revision lesson in physics should set the tone for our reflection today: ‘at any junction in a circuit, current may  divide to travel along each available route. From this, it is observed that current tends to travel along the path of least resistance’.
Simply put, where it is easiest to advance becomes the track of choice.

So why would anyone want to struggle walking a tight rope when the alternative is ‘a wide path we can travel along with ease?’ Why opt for discomfort when ease exists? Why would one even think of making that choice?

This was my thinking when I read today’s Gospel on the narrow and wide path, pondering on how much effort it actually requires to decide to struggle following a narrow path to a narrow door when one bigger and wider exists.

As I thought, it dawned on me that it is because God has so designed it that we cannot serve Him just by accident nor can we just stumble lazily into a relationship with Him. There is a great degree of intentional choices we have to make to stay on the narrow course and many of those choices are uncomfortable, painful, and even unexciting. You literally have to want to walk on it.

However, it is in the discomfort that we learn to walk in true alignment with God.


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