Today’s message is one that intends to challenge us to do a bit of pondering. It invites us to look into our lives and the people around us to arrive at specific outcomes.

Jesus in His lifetime, had taught, mentored and healed many; even many more would have encountered Him in some sense. To be fair, His disciples would have numbered in the thousands, even with a pessimistic estimate.

Yet, we read the humble list of those who stood closely by the cross ‘ his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene and the disciple whom he loved ‘(John 19:25-26).

Reading the text therefore, only one question came to mind, and it is the one I kindly invite you to also ponder on: “who stands by you when you’re on your cross?’

When you stand most vulnerable, when you are most helpless, when you are in a place where your weaknesses have been put on display for the world to see, who do you see standing with you?


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