John 16:12 I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

To many, ‘holding back information’ from them is the start of all manner of concerns. Rightly so when this approach is taken because the discloser wants to avoid the outcome or postpone the consequences that would come with that disclosure.
Yet, there are moments in time when wisdom would take this stance and with good reason.

Today, for the same disciples to whom Jesus would explain parables when they were alone, He decides against revealing specific information to them and His reason was pretty straightforward ‘they could not bear them at that particular time’.

We would think that the Apostles had walked with Him long enough, or that no new revelation could come as a surprise to them. Yet, Jesus discerned they were still not ready for   some information. Here is some truth: knowing certain details before one is ready to bear them could be what destroys a person.

As much as we might be eager to know more, until our hearts and minds are ready to understand, bear and effectively use the things we desire to know, we really need not fight to know them. Let us also discern this when we find ourselves as the givers of information.


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