Acts 8:29 Then the Spirit said unto Philip, Go near, and join thyself to this chariot.

Recently, one question that caused me to do a bit of thinking and probing was ‘did you take their contact?’ Often, it seems doing so does not matter but in our world where ‘connection to people in the right places’ can be a factor for favour and acceleration, making a move to connect as led, is ever more relevant.

Philip was asked to move in a particular direction to connect with a man in ‘a carriage.’  Little did he know that this a connection was with a man of influence! This was a man who had charge over the financial resources of an entire nation and a potent voice in the Echelons of government. He was no ordinary man yet, here God wanted Philip to make a move so he could meet him.

I wondered how many of such opportunities we have each let pass us by one way or another because we did not step up to connect. I am no exception. While sometimes, the mercy and grace of God finds alternative avenues for these same connections to be established, particularly if they have a place in our destiny, there are other moments when such missed connections could cost us years of setback.

So beloved, discern then and respond to the promptings to connect, because in the rising of men, God uses other men.


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