Isaiah 65:20 Babies will no longer die in infancy, and all people will live out their life span. 

God’s desire is for men to live to the fulfilment of their days- to complete that which they have been tasked to do while living. It is crucial therefore to find the purpose for one’s existence because no person alive is just here to occupy space, there is something for them to execute.

The most difficult person then to stand against is the one who has found his place in the plan of God, the one who stands and is running in the will of God for their life. Such a person is like a rock rolling down a steep mountain side.

Beloved, it is a indeed a blessing to enjoy a full lifetime, in fact, it is God’s heartfelt wish for us. The one question though that ought to accompany that intended lifetime of fulfilment is the content of what fills that time. The plan is for a full lifetime, but how fulfilled will you be during that lifetime? And would you have run the race set before you at the end of it?


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