Reference text: Luke 4:1-13


The temptation of Jesus was a desperate attempt by Satan to win him over for why else would Jesus be tempted? One does not tempt who already belongs to them. In those instances, we would rather expect ‘a test’, for testing is intended to improve – not make one worse off.

Temptations therefore often seem to always lie with our taste – it follows the lines of our desires and offers a platform for their amplification. So for anyone disinterested, the easiest thing then is to say ‘there should be no temptations!’ But would a conflict be validated if there was no enemy?

Beloved, God’s promises do not include a clause suggesting an easy life, rather the offer of a meaningful life. He has never promised an easy journey, but He guarantees a safe arrival. We will remain tempted, for the desires of our heart are like a bottomless pit. Nonetheless, each temptation offers us an opportunity to incline our ears to God, say yes to Him and to remain on His side.


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