Mark 10:31 See, we have left everything to follow you.

We sometimes make it seem like God  has no clue about the price we are paying to follow Him, as though He is oblivious of the price our decision to be on His side comes with. The disciples today had such thoughts and for a brief moment, thought to themselves ‘is there anything good coming out of this decision of ours?’

In that state of mind, Jesus reminds them ‘you have rewards in this life and in the next’.

Often we are tempted to believe that the Christian walk of faith and trust in God has no value. That it is one without benefits. However, we are reminded today that ‘God doesn’t miss anything, neither is He unjust. He will not forget the work you did or the love you showed for him in the help you gave and are still giving to other Christians (Hebrews 6:10)

So you keep following and let Him do the leading because the final destination is a glorious one.


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