When the believer has faith to confess that ‘the Lord will provide my meal for today’, what would they be expected to do when a bag of ingredients is dropped off anonymously at their doorstep? Should they cross their hands and believe for a ready-made meal or do they enter their kitchen to prepare one with the ingredients provided?

That is the work dimension of faith, a dimension very many people often take for granted. In that regard, many want to turn God into a magician- one who can conjure every specific need according to the demands of the persons who has faith. Yet, sometimes God responds to our requests not with ready made answers, but with opportunities.

He provides the avenue for us to action our faith. Like studying in preparation for an exam and believing you will be guided to prepare right. That faith will only find expression in the presence of your conscious participation. So beloved, don’t turn the Almighty into a conjurer.

For just as the [human] body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works [of obedience] is also dead. (James 2:26).


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