DAY 363 OF 365 IN 2021


After a couple of Long shifts at the office, today was the one day away from the office. Well, not entirely. On paper, it is a day to work on some data work as part of an organisational project. Did I want to leave the house this morning? Not quite but did I need to, definitely.

Three questions therefore played on my mind as I worked through today:
Do I want to? Do I have to? Do I need to? I applied it to the decisions I made today and was quite surprised by how much of big change it can have on ones day. There are days when we just treat ourselves and that is often not an everyday thing. We might be tempted to think that the things we want to, have to or need to do all have similar repercussions but the truth is each of those choices have different weightings.

When they are effectively built into one’s language and applied to actions, these seemingly simple questions offer a layered system to screen and establish relevance. In your own life, such scrutiny:
-will hold you back from saying some hurtful words,
-will guard you from making purchases you have no business going towards
It will save you from actions and repercussions that are avoidable.

Therefore then, before doing or saying anything, give yourself a few seconds to run through the layers in your head:

  • Do I need to?
  • Do I have to? Or
  • Do I want to?


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