DAY 353 OF 365 IN 2021


When you drive for the first time on an unfamiliar stretch of road, your passengers might deem your approach a bit too cautious and even describe the journey as slow. However, that is necessary for one does not know what bumps exist on this road, or what kind of turns and limits are in operation.

It is only after a mock run where a careful survey of the whole stretch has been done that one can employ the element of speed. There are times when people disregard caution in favour of a need for speed because of the prospect of early arrival. The opportunity to lay claim to the words ‘I arrived first’.

Making haste to complete an assignment presents the risk of missing crucial details, but move too slowly and you will miss deadlines and targets. Drive too fast and you could easily veer off course at a sharp bend. Go too slow and you might not complete the turn at all. Speed then has a place and God knowing its advantages employs it with great effect.

A barren woman bears triplets and a person experienced but never promoted for strange reasons moves up through the ranks like a hot knife through butter. In both cases, speed is at work along a clear stretch of road, its execution by the one who sees what we do not.

So of course, there is a need for speed! However, speeding along an unfamiliar stretch of road can spell bad news for many.


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