DAY 346 OF 365 IN 2021


A Spiritual life is a set of behaviours. It is not a box of random picks or a combination of trial and errors. Rather, a spiritual is an alloy of intentional choices and decisions that aim to align with a specific order of thinking and living. You cannot become spiritual by accident, it has to be born out of a fruit of consistency, commitment and dedication.

Life is not always about having what we want, it is about wanting what we have.
More always sounds and feels better. More seems to be the answer for tomorrow: more money, more love, more growth, more experience, more of everything. Subsequently, in the quest for more, we often take our eyes off now. We ignore who we have, what we have and what we hold. We seek for more at the expense of what we ought to hold first.

Before we go off worrying about what having what we want, let us first want what we have: the humble beginnings, the small steps, the good relationships, etc. This is because contentment is a necessary starting point for expansion. That way, we will not become consumed by greed.


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