DAY 315 OF 365 IN 2021


Luke 17:20 Some Pharisees asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come. His answer was, "The Kingdom of God does not come in such a way as to be seen.

Many of the creations of man are meant to be controllable by man himself; a car, a plane, or a computer software. When these develop a mind of their own and the control is lost , outcomes are almost always catastrophic. Therefore, on many levels, we seek to be in control of the different aspects of our lives: our dieting, social interactions, careers, among others.

So in situations where things appear out of our control, we shift into fear mode, panic and get into a frenzy. We begin throwing our hands about grabbing ropes and straws, or dropping anchors in our attempt to gain some stability.

The pharisees wanted such from Jesus hence their question “when will the Kingdom come?” If for no other reason, that ‘when’ if offered, would have served as a baseline and timeline for planning their future actions. But as Jesus told them ‘the Kingdom will not arrive in the ways we perceive’.

Beloved, we might keep wondering why God has made it so but that is how he has made it. Not just to meet our expectations, but to keep us in expectant waiting too lest we become complacent on our Christian walk.


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