DAY 296 OF 365 IN 2021


Luke 13:9 If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’”

When we follow the discussion, despite the gardener stepping in to save the fig tree from being cut down after its third fruitless year, he did not sound very optimistic. His words give this impression “I will provide one more opportunity for fruitfulness, if it responds, then well and good. If it does not respond, then yeah, we can cut it down.

The discourse between the vineyard dresser and the owner of the vineyard  draws our attention and it is quite an interesting conversation. A recent exposition I heard regarding guarding today’s text brought about a question that I pondered on and I want to share this question with you ‘in which year of expected fruiting are you?’ The first, the second or third? Or are you in the final year of fruiting?

Beloved, opportunities will be given to us bear fruits because we have been sent to bear fruits that last. What to ponder on is if we will take those opportunities for fruit bearing. We may be in the last year.


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