DAY 277 OF 365 IN 2021


Personally, I am aware that guessing isn’t my friend. Should I guess 10 times, I am likely to be right only once. That probability is 10%, not very good odds if you are desperately depending on them for something.

Something caught my eye as I read the Parable of the good Samaritan today ‘

a Priest was going down along that stretch of road, he saw the injured man but crossed over to the other side and walked on' (Luke 10:31)

Surprised? I was until I realised the circumstances behind his journey: ‘by chance [coincidence)]’  The  journey of the man who had found himself in bad company on the other hand was clearly planned, for no one sets off on a 25 kilometres walking trip littered with danger just for fun.

Picture this possibility and imagine a world with such a system in operation:

  • what if God answered our prayers by chance?
  • What if He responded to our needs purely by coincidence?
  • What if God connected us to people we need just by sheer luck and probabilities?
  • Wouldn’t it suggest that only those who got lucky will benefit from His graces?

God therefore then, does not do coincidences. He is a God of detail hence every journey is planned even to the very last detail. Every I is dotted, every T crossed and every sentence completed. Every hair counted is and every step recorded. The parable of the good Samaritan  introduces us to coincidences, chance, and probabilities, concepts which have no concrete place in the ways of God.


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