DAY 235 OF 365 IN 2021


It’s taking me quite some to make progress with the current book I am reading because every few paragraphs calls for a pause and some reflection. Today, therefore, I just want us to think about our journey with God and what we can expect to happen at different points. Thus, the following mini bites are shared also for our individual reflection:

1. There is an opportunity cost to consider on that walk.

Since our walk with Him begins with a commitment to, we need to be ready to assess the cost of journeying alone or with Him. Our time, resources, choices and sometimes, the entirety of our lives. Yet here is a truth also: “the cost of following a Jesus is great, but the cost of not following, is even greater.”

2. We need to learn to obey a God who doesn't do detail.

At times, we might think that God simply “wings it”. That is, He makes things up as He goes along. But knowing who He is, tells us otherwise because He is one knows the end from the beginning. He is a God who gives the day’s orders when we show up at the job site, and so is more interested in our full obedience than in our full understanding. ‘Even if it makes no sense’, still follow Him.

3. Ready yourself to be 'dealt with if you want to follow.

Because we are creatures with emotion, we are quite sentimental people. Thus, we cling on to souvenirs and memories from the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the things we’ve done. However, when we encounter the God who comes to break us out of the trappings of our past lives, there is really no time for sentiments. We need to be ready like Elisha to burn our plows and follow.

(Greater, by Steven Furtick)


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