DAY 233 OF 365 IN 2021

Reference text: Matthew 23:1-12


Two messages stem from today’s text, the first is a warning arising from the statement “the Pharisees sit in the seat of Moses so do and observe what they tell you”. That seat is clearly not a literal piece of furniture, but the office in which He operated. Therefore, like every office, such as the office of the President or Prime Minister, there is a vested authority that backs it. 

Hence, it matters little whether one personally likes or dislikes the individual occupying the office. There has to be honour, respect and acknowledgement – if not for the person, for the office in which they stand. So whether it is towards a boss at work, a minister of the Gospel, a parent, or teacher, this is the warning: be careful when you are tempted to dishonour, disrupt, disrespect, abuse or undermine any person who is rightly operating in their ‘office’. It may become a  bigger ask than you envisioned.

The second, “do what they say but not what they do because they preach but do not practice”. Here, we read about discordance where actions and words are contradictory when in fact, they ought to be complementary. In real terms, what is preached, should not remain theoretical become a lived experience.

The words of scripture should not remain just in its in letters and words, but should become tangible in the life of its preachers and hearers. It should be practised, not only heard and preached.


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