DAY 203 OF 365 IN 2021


For those who work in the clinical environment, one develops a view of life that has the potential to redefine your approach to life in many areas: relationship, forgiveness, joy,  humour, sadness, pain, etc. One sees rapid improvement as well as sudden and unexpected deteriorations that leave you spellbound, with more questions than answers. You may keep asking ‘what exactly went wrong?’

Do permit me to share this translated stanza of a local song with you:

What are doing idle?
What are you waiting for?
Won't you serve the Lord?
Won't you serve?
Serve the lord while you have the strength,
For there will surely come a time when you are unable to do much"

These words came to mind as I read Psalm 63:4 ‘So I will bless You as long as I live; in Your name I will lift my hands’

Beloved, it is always worthwhile bearing in mind that we are only custodians of the life we have, but its author and sustainer is another. We do not live for ‘ourselves’ and so it’s important to live our lives with that thought in mind. So again I ask:

What are doing idle?
What are you waiting for?
Won’t you serve the Lord?
Won’t you serve?


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