DAY 198 OF 365 IN 2021


Matthew 12:15 When Jesus heard about the plot against him, he went away from that place; and large crowds followed him. He healed all the sick

Indications are that at present, we are in the digital age, in an era where information can be gleaned from multiple sources at the click of a button. Those with access to the most information about a person, a place or thing almost always have the advantage, and this is applicable in multiple spheres of life.

In the Gospel today, Jesus found himself at the centre of a conspiracy, one that intended to destroy him. So what does he do? He moved on! He changed His location on the basis of the available information to Him. Beloved, there is always a reason why specific information become known to us at particular points in our life’s journey – it is so we can make choices based on them. And mind you, choosing to do nothing with the  information available is also a decision in itself.

What you do with the resources at your disposal is your choice, but it is worth noting also that those choices do have an effect on the outcome.


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