At the end of this month of May, we just want to review a few mini bites, summaries from the journey so far:

1. We may all face the same storms. It is our foundation and who is in our boat which will determine who crumbles and who stands.

2. Don’t look at faith through a complicated lens of logic, look through the eyes of a child and you will appreciate the delight that brings.

3. Take no one for granted. You might wake up one day realising you have lost diamonds while you were busy picking up stones

4. Obstacles don’t always exist to stop us, some are to show how desperate we are to achieve something.

5. You ought to produce results that match your values.

6. Your destiny helper may not always assume forms that are attractive to you. Many of us relate to people based only on what it appears we can get from them

7. Attempts at self salvation guarantee nothing but exhaustion, because of all the things you can earn in life, God’s unending affection is not one of them.

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