DAY 114 OF 365 IN 2021

Whenever we hear of athletes setting world record times in events, our minds should just not be turned towards the ten or twenty second record, but the entire journey that could have taken years of dedication and training. Cutting down their initial time by a few milliseconds at a time, achieving a better starting technique, reaching faster speeds or the resilience and effort to comeback after an injury setback. Those are usually the small victories behind many records.

The end of footballing calendar marks the time when players are also given a break from the game to recover from a grueling season of multiple games. Upon their return, it becomes evident that they have not been playing a while – even if it is just for a couple of weeks. Players are a lot less sharp with their passing and shooting, have no stamina, and some actually do look lost; as though they were playing the game for the very first time.

This is not unusual, it is just the product of ‘de-conditioning‘- a decline in physical function owing to inactivity. This is why even though many students dislike this, they are given assignments to keep them occupied during the long summer break. To prevent ‘academic de-conditioning’.

In our Christian walk, deconditioning does not require that long a duration of time to set in- a day’s break might be all it takes. Hence, why the journey is continuous. It is an ongoing war with daily victories that have to be fought for and won. Those small victories like those five minutes spent in prayer, that half hour spent on the word, that decision to walk from that temptation- those are victories that should be claimed daily.

Christ’s one victory over death was the one example we needed. But, our walk is one that requires a daily decision to live that victory won for our path is littered with many battles, each of which requires our intentional decision to engage. We therefore ought to find room to celebrate those small victories, for then we are primed for what comes next.

Don’t become deconditioned, you are a Christian at all times, not some of the time.


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