DAY 111 OF 365 IN 2021

Acts 8:6 The crowds gave their undivided attention to Philip’s message and to the signs they saw him perform.

There are pros and cons to being purely ‘a person of the crowd’ – someone who depends on the position or opinions of a larger group of individuals than consideration at a personal level. Depending on the nature of the whole crowd, they can act as a growth ground for faith or become an obstacle in the same journey to faith.

The crowd we read about today was one that was likely to have a positive   impact on any person within its field of influence because with one accord, they listened attentively as Philip spoke. They were in agreement as a unit.

However, we ought to bear in mind that while their communal commitment is highlighted, this was an amalgam of many individual opinions. It required a coming together of many ‘personal convictions and commitments’ to attain the united front which is so celebrated.

Therefore, we ought to remember, that while the attitude of a crowd can become the broad characterisation assigned, there still remains single entities within this crowd. There are multiple individual, each with their own personal points of view which contributes to the overall position by virtue of agreement. Nonetheless, one must not lose sight of the personal dimension which accompanies that position, even when in the heart of a crowd.


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