DAY 107 OF 365 IN 2021

I wrote a reflection on the Gospel today earlier but when the clock struck three and the funeral procession for the HRH, the Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh began, there was an unusual feeling of sadness which I couldn’t shake off.
I found myself reflecting a bit – not on his life, but life in general. The Duke lived passed away at 99, for many, that age marks the life of a man who would have fulfilled his days.

However, the one thought that just won’t ebb away from this afternoon is the fixed duration of our time here on earth. It’s often something we are not very keen to address, for many its a topic of taboo. But beloved, it is the truth – our time on earth is not eternal, there will be a moment when it ends.

Perhaps, we don’t give this much thought because we just don’t want to, but every now and then, we need to think about how we live and who we live for. There will come a time which will mark the end of our race and at the end of it, the duration will not be a factor as much as the kind of race we would we have run.

Just ponder on these words today?

May God comfort all who have lost anyone, and grant them peace.


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