DAY 100 OF 365 IN 2021

After 100 days in a office, many heads of state present a ‘state of the nation address’. This is often the time span in power where many campaign promises are initiated, usually to signify a commitment to achieving them. On many occasions, these addresses are filled entirely with positives, as though to say ‘nothing is going wrong and we are doing great – things are perfect’.

If you have not noticed, today is day 100 in this year. Did that come as a shock to you? Perhaps! Probably, because the days have moved by so fast that you have lost track of time. However, the reason for today’s reflection is to invite you to take stock, to do a bit of a recap.

  • How far out are you with your intentions for the year?
  • Have you followed your blueprints for the new year to the letter?
  • Have you been able to dot all your ‘I’s and crossed your’ T’s?
  • How close are you to being on the perfect journey?

Perhaps you are no where close to that expected final position but here is the catch: if you are looking around for a gathering where everyone and everything claims to be already perfect, realise that you won’t find one and if you do, you won’t fit in anyway. So instead of just going round looking for answers, start making choices to kick off your year. Make choices to improve yourself, and to grow in all dimensions: spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, financially etc.

Today is indeed DAY 100, and it does  sound like this year also is far gone, drifting away right before our very eyes. But you can certainly catch up – so ready, set, and let’s go!


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