John 20:14 She turned to leave and saw someone standing there. It was Jesus, but she didn’t recognize him. 

I don’t think I am the only individual who at some point goes round looking for something they already have on their person. Examples may be looking for a hat or glasses one is already wearing. Such outcomes are often possible in a state of anxiety, fright or panic, even when distracted by matters of life.

Such was Mary’s state that even when Jesus stood before her, she was unable to recognise Him. Maybe Jesus looked different post resurrection or perhaps, had Mary so much bought into the idea that she was coming to meet a ‘dead body’ and not a risen saviour? The latter sounds more plausible because when asked why she was weeping, her response was indicative of one looking for ‘a missing body’.

How Mary-like are we also – locked up in our own shells, distracted and battered by the vicissitudes of life that the risen saviour becomes unrecognisable by us. However, just like it happened with Mary, the Lord who calls the stars by name, draws our attention to His presence also by calling our names.

Beloved, amidst all the scenes of life, there is one name and one face that ought to remain recognisable by us. A name which no amount of battering should draw our attention from. For it is a name exalted above every other name, in heaven and on earth, at the mention of which all knees bow and bend low, even the vicissitudes of life. That is the name of Jesus. It is my prayer that we recognise Him every step of the way, even behind the blindfolds of our tears.


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