DAY 85 OF 365 IN 2021

John 10:31 Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.

In a game of chess, one alters their attacks in a manner that seeks to result in the ultimate trapping of the King: a checkmate. Regardless of the multiple successes an opposition chalks in thwarting carefully laid out plans, there is always a regrouping to have another go at checkmate.

I tried to read past the opening verse of today’s Gospel but I found myself stuck and thinking about it. The one word that caught my attention, “AGAIN”. This attempt to stone Jesus by the Jews was not the first try, for the use of ‘again’ suggested they had tried it before, although unsuccessfully. The first try is found in chapter 8 of John’s Gospel when Jesus had spoken in a manner which was understood to mean He was older than Abraham. He escaped this attempt.

However, such was their determination to get Jesus out of the way that they did not hesitate to have another go when the opportunity presented itself. So just in case you are contemplating downing all your tools, how about you consider giving what you are doing one more go, whether a prayer or a project. The Jews in the day of Jesus may not have succeeded in stoning Him, but at least they were not afraid to try again. That is something we can learn.


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