When my schedule for week commencing 22/02 was released some weeks ago, I was quite surprised to see an unusual pattern, a day break during my block of night shifts. This seemed strange because normally, they appear as a single stretch of three or four. I even thought about moving things round to make them consecutive days but somehow, I didn’t feel I had to so left things as they were.

Fast forward to today and that unusual break, has become a necessary one for me because after the signals my body sent overnight, nothing more than a day’s rest would suffice for a full recovery. There were a number decisions made also prior to this break and all of those, although not directly connected, seemed to contribute in a manner that would ensure the best outcome out of the situation, a sequence I had absolutely no idea about.

A flip of the pages of our Bibles to Jeremiah 29:11 reveals the mind of God to us:

'For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. 

So even though I had no idea about what was going on and the reason for the intended break was no clearer at the start, I realised that everything was been worked out in my interest. God who knew the plan was ensuring that the outcome was to give a future and a hope, a good outcome.

So beloved, don’t be too worried when you cannot see the whole map, trust the hands of the guide who holds them knowing that when the time is right, He will point you the right way. But walk with the guarantee of an expected end regardless because that is the outcome revealed in His word.


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