DAY 55 OF 365 IN 2021

Jonah 3:9 Who knows, God may turn [in compassion] and relent and withdraw His burning anger (judgment) so that we will not perish.

Odds used in probabilities are intended to give an idea of the likelihood of things happening. If known, and reasonably accurate, they make decision making a bit easier. Yet, it remains a gamble with no guarantees.

We read  today about Mercy, a system of advantage, God’s own ingenious idea to remedy a situation involving his creation called man. At different points in time through scripture, Mercy is seen, with King David’s story involving Uriah and Bathsheba an example of the mercy of God towards man. But when Jesus came, mercy donned an entirely different outfit.

The king of Nineveh after hearing the message Jonah had brought, issued a proclamation based on a matter of probability, he took a punt on the Mercy of God. In his own words ‘Who knows, God may relent and turn his away his fierce anger and we might make it out of this alive’. Thus a man who had never encountered mercy, was willing to take a chance that it might actually work; that with a sincere heart and true brokenness, God will take notice.

How much more then, us, who have been invited to approach the throne of grace, not to seek, but to OBTAIN [come into possession of] mercy! Why? Because for us, the guarantee of mercy depends purely on our taking of it, for it has already been given. No longer do we have to gamble on obtaining Mercy, instead, we have certainty of obtaining if we would dare walk into its arms to be embraced.

In spite of these certainties, why do we rather appear to be a generation of people running farther away from the arms of Mercy? Why are we those who behave as though no price has been paid for us? How have we lost the tangibility and guarantee of the Mercy of God? Why have we let go of such a system of advantage intended  for us?

Let’s think about these!


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