DAY 36 OF 365 IN 2021

Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

There is a reason why secret shoppers and Michelin inspectors do their job undercover – because they are very much aware that depending on the awareness of who is around, people might behave and act differently. Simply put, by virtue of the information at one’s disposal, our response can be fashioned accordingly.

In our text today, we read ”For thereby some have entertained angels unawares”. The key term here is ‘unawares’.  They did not render service to those they encountered thinking or knowing that they were ministering to angels, they offered because it was their genuine intention just to be of help. There was no primary intention to entertain angels, just a conscious and intentional decision to be hospitable.

Beloved, within a short time frame, we may be able to pretend our way along; it may seem we can put on any mask to suit the situation. However, our real faces might eventually emerge when we don’t know who our audience is. Let’s not become hypocrites! Let us rather become people who reach out to help not just because there is a reward on offer, but because we can be of assistance.


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