DAY 23 OF 365 IN 2021

Mark 3:20 'Then Jesus entered a house, and again a crowd gathered, so that he and his disciples were not even able to eat'

Today, is one of the clearest examples we see in confirmation of the words ‘the word became flesh’. Those who seemed concerned about the ‘wellbeing’ of Jesus and His disciples intended to extract him from his current environment because things had gotten so intense that there was no time for eating. As a man therefore, they thought He needed a timeout, no exceptions!

It is quite interesting to note that the overall conduct of Jesus including his preaching, teaching style, and choosing to put the needs of His audience above His led to the conclusion that ‘He was out of His mind’. He had chosen to minister to the people instead of getting food and for many others, including myself, I can  understand that situation because I stand in similar shoes quite often.

The lessons I wish to highlight from today’s verse seem contrasting because while there are multiple times when meeting the needs of others is placed before our own the contrast is such moments also tend to lead to missed opportunities for rest. Although putting the needs of others before yours seems like the right thing to do, it is not the easiest to do. Particularly, if your own needs, amplified by external voices, are screaming right in your face.

My dear, when eating and drinking, two of the basic necessities for the  survival of man become a luxury one cannot afford to partake in, then it is time to reassess any situation. The two questions I hear are multiple times on any shift are: ‘Are you alright’ and ‘Have you had your break’. The latter is even more popular because depending on what is ensuing, one might lose track of time and even forget to take a break.

Like Jesus does, we also get so involved in the world and well being of others that we might even forget our very selves. Thus, while it takes a special kind of disposition to continually put others first, let us not forget to also take care of ourselves too. Any reminder really does come in handy, even if appears to warrant a literal snatching from an environment.

Yes, meet the needs of others as much as possible, but don’t be expended in manner that makes it impossible to be helpful later. Take care of yourself too.


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