Monday: November 23, 2020

Luke 21:1 And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.

In the days of Jesus, the wealthy were happy to show they had wealth thus there was no hiding  what they had. It was easy to tell who was rich and who wasn’t because the haves made sure it became obvious that they had: their clothing, their meals, their connections and their entire way of living made it clear.

Jesus could see evidence, even at the treasury, and while we may not agree with their approach of showing off or the fact that their hearts may not have been in the right place while they gave, we cannot write off that Jesus identified material wealth when He saw it. Therefore, what they possessed was visible and one need not ask any complicated questions because their wealth was on display for all to see.

When Jesus invited himself into the home of  Zachaeus’, what this tax collector did was to open up his treasury and say “I will give half my assets to the poor and for any one I have defrauded, I will pay back four times’ (Luke 19:8). Now that, was wealth speaking and scripture even confirms ‘he was a wealthy man'(Lk 19:2). This sounds a bit like preaching a prosperity Gospel but don’t get carried because I have a question to ask you: “Do people see what you have?”

Beloved, there are some traits and things about a man that speak for themselves. Even without trying, attention is drawn to those things. Jesus only had to set foot in any city for his presence to spread abroad because there was something about Him. We have God within, His gifts to show outside and fruits to display on our branches. These should be visible and on display without questions.

As wealthy individuals could  be identified without questions at a glance, others should also be able to tell ‘who’ we have on the inside at a glance. Our fruits, our speech and our actions should send that message boldly across.


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