Saturday: November 14, 2020

Luke 18:1 Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart,

To lose heart is a phrase associated with ‘to despair, to become discouraged, or to lose interest in something and so stop believing because it may not be progressing at the pace you envisioned. It is therefore not a surprise that the parable has a two fold agenda: ‘to encourage prayer continually and to suggest holding on’.

Once the heart is lost, there would be no place for continual prayer. In other words, the continuity of prayer was directly linked to the attitude of not giving up. It appears the widow in today’s parable wore down this judge and brought down his high walls of pride with her persistence. If she got discouraged because the judge had turned her away after every approach, she wouldn’t have got the results she did.

So sweetheart, in your fervent prayer, remain encouraged. When it seems your prayers are hitting the ceiling and not reaching the ears of the Most High, do not despair. Even when your answers seem delayed, do not lose heart for it is that courage which will fuel your forward advance. And mind you, God will show up on time, He’s never late. He will come through when it’s His time, so don’t force His hand, only be encouraged.


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