Thursday: November 12, 2020

I woke up this morning with a question in mind and hearing about the unexpected demise of one of the past presidents back home, this question even sounded louder. Here goes: ‘if you were aware that time would permanently come to stop after the next action you take, will there be a revision of your intentions or would things progress as already planned?’

It does appear a very hypothetical, even fictional scenario but it does offer us something to truly ponder on. Many a time, our actions are rarely based on the prospect of it being our very last. We walk in the anticipation and expectation that there is going to be more time: more time to change, more time to correct a past hurt, more time to apologise or more time to appreciate.

Beloved, “more time” may be our expectation but our reality is ‘finite time’. I am unsure what your list of priorities will be or in what order if you had information to ‘set your house in order’. If your next thought would be the last, if your next action would be the finale, or if the next words you wrote or spoke would be the last time the world heard from you, would you still proceed?


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