Tuesday: October 27, 2020

“If you think you’re weak, even a small mound can seem like a big mountain”

How you perceive a matter determines your response to it. In jumping sports like Pole vault, the height to be tackled determines  the length of stick, angle of approach and body positioning midair. Without the right tools, one has a lower likelihood of success and this hinges very closely on the perception of obstacles ahead.

Arrogance races to decisions, keep yours in check”

Arrogance makes you think you are that one person who only knows everything. Even in the matters of God, in arrogance you may consider yourself the only conduit or representation of God in a territory or sphere of operation. Beloved, don’t be deceived, there is more than just you.

“Treat others with sympathy otherwise they will be intimidated by your determination.”

Humans are a complex creation, no doubt, hence the importance dynamism in interpersonal skills cannot be underestimated. Even the most determined, the boldest can seem intimidating and seeing that all communication is subject to decoding, this can be misinterpreted. So don’t employ project fear to advance agendas or build relationships for fear has a limit.

Are you grateful to me? Pay it back to the world”

These words got to me when I heard them the first time as they seemed to say ‘what respite you received or appreciate from my action towards you, pass it on. Let others also be grateful to you and as you have received, so do give; Pass the love on.


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